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Simple HR Software for Your Business

Breathe HR is an easy to use HR system that enables you to manage all your employee data and information in one secure place. The key features of the system streamline people admin tasks that take up a lot of valuable time such as onboarding new employees, booking holiday, recruitment, training and maintaining your people data.

Breathe HR provides self service for employees, that they can access from their phone or laptop. Through the system employees they can request holiday, input sickness information, update their personal information and view company updates in real time.

You can run multiple reports on the system that will support you in making data led decisions, reports include salary, absence, starters and leavers and performance reports.   Breathe has an additional number of add on’s to enhance your people data such as a learn module to support your teams development, time and attendance and recruitment. 

Renzo will support your business setting up Breathe HR and ensuring your people data is accurate before implanting the system across your business.  We provide training for managers to ensure they get the best from the system to help manage their people.  

HR Admin

Securely store your HR data.  You can set working patterns, hold emergency contact details and manage company equipment.


Sickness costs businesses a lot of money.  Use Breathe to seamlessly record, monitor and view absence trends quickly and easily


No more calculating holiday entitlement, Breathe does it for you! You can request, manage and view holidays at the click of a button.


Set targets and objectives for your team and record training and appraisals. You can book 1-2-1’s and probation reviews through Breathe HR

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